Wednesday, February 04, 2009


One reason I run this blog is to give you guys an insight into my mind, so I offer you this animation that is scary. (makes noise) The same way that Michael Pollan's books are a pretty good summary of my thoughts about food, this is a pretty good summary of my fears about life (albeit from a female perspective).

I'm not sure which is worse. Okay, okay, the dream was worse; drama aside, going stark raving nuts and being surrounded by faceless people who cannot help me is worse than having a boring useless life. But if you multiply chance that it will happen times how awful it would be, the boring useless life is way worse.

(Disclaimer: Not self-pitying here! I know it's up to me to avoid this kind of life! Am pretty sure I will! Not getting all deep and stuff! Offering you a short summary of things that scare me, just because I think about them sometimes!)

Thanks to Beej for the link.

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