Friday, December 04, 2009

I was looking for some stuff

and I stumbled upon this essay by Paul Graham. I think it pretty well captures my view of stuff, but of course he says it better than I could. Two main points:
1. Having lots of stuff is not very good!
subpoint 1a. Stuff is not valuable.
subpoint 1b. Stuff in fact has negative value because then you have to think about it a lot.
2. Point #1 is not some grand truth.

Stuff these days is like dirt used to be. You kinda need some stuff (to build a mud hut or something) but if you have too much it's kind of bad. But if you're all "I don't like to have a lot of dirt", it's not some revolutionary idea and you're not automatically an enlightened hero. It's just true, and then you get on with your life.

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