Wednesday, January 06, 2010

So much internet!

When you have a bunch of blogs you're subscribed to and you go away for a few days, stuff piles up! And then, because I am crazy, I feel like I have to read through it all, even though I'd really like to be reading books instead but the internet sucks my brains out. So if I'm going to get all scatterbrained, the least I can do is pick out the best of the stuff and put it up here for you to read too. The later ones are better:

I could buy this argument about soy being bad for you (medium quickness)

Every Day the Same Dream (a little less quick but still pretty quick)

Penultimately, People in Order (three minutes but worth it. I like #40.)

And if you'd like a shout out for a blog to read, I am liking Study Hacks more and more.

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