Monday, April 26, 2010

Do you couchsurf?

If so, and if we know each other, would you please vouch for me? I'm just starting on the site, and would like to surf in a couple weeks, but I understand that someone with approximately no history looks kind of sketchy.

In other news, I woke up yesterday at 5 AM, and for some reason, I have the sort of personality that thinks it totally makes sense to go biking a lot instead of going back to sleep. I went to Seward Park and almost saw Mt. Rainier, almost at sunrise. It was cloudy. I froze my toes and had the best croissant, as Cafe Presse opened. I think the baristas didn't quite know what to make of me. I didn't quite know what to make of myself.

I hesitate to blog about this sort of thing, as it must make people think I'm Calvin's dad, or some kind of crazy outdoorsman. Really, it's a part of my personality that pops up only rarely, and I will not join you if you want to do a similar adventure, because you can't plan these things. Nevertheless, I hope I never lose this part of my personality.

In other other news, I'm quite excited about things! It may be a time of great change! I may have just planned the next like decade of my life! I'll keep mum though, because I'm really just throwing out theoretical ideas; we'll see what actually comes to fruition.


Pete said...

> it must make people think I'm Calvin's dad

This is not a bad thing.

Movie quote: "Adventure is out there!!!"

Get some

Corinne said...

Done :D
Where are you thinking of surfing? I've never done it in the US... my first experience was when I went to the UAE!

Dan Tasse said...

Thanks! Chiang Mai, Thailand. After thinking about it a bit, I think I'll just meet some fellow surfers for a coffee/drink this time, as my profile is so sketchy. (plus, lodging is cheap.)