Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I stub my toe a lot on my vibram five fingers

but only the left one.

Unrelatedly, no matter when or where you are, you're better off with the attitude "_____ are people too", where ___ is any (any!) group that you don't like. (whether they're oppressing you or you're oppressing them, or nobody's oppressing anyone and you're just different.)

Even bike thieves. I think, if I were in charge of the universe, I would no longer create a second Worst Hell for bike thieves.

Someone should invent BikeLoJack or some other theft preventer that doesn't make the thief want to steal the next guy's bike instead (as locks do). Bike thievery should be punished as swiftly as any other kind of thievery, and as such we should get rid of this conception that it's somehow more okay than, say, shoplifting or burglary.

Which just leaves bike part thieves... who should be sentenced to sit down with a counselor and try to figure out why they hell they're stealing front wheels or grips off handlebars.

Incidentally, the world isn't fair, and it's destructive to cling to the belief that it is. Dealing with situations where bad stuff just happens (and not wasting time asking "why why oh why") seems like a useful skill.

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