Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More data about my life; this time it's sleep.

On my research blog here.

Somewhat interesting! No linear correlation between how long I slept and how awake I feel. Nor between the WakeMate score and how awake I feel. Hmm.

EDIT: actually, there is something interesting. There's a correlation between how awake I feel when I wake up, and how awake I feel all day. Well, that's not super interesting, but it's something.


Gary Bernhardt said...

That correlation could be related to which phase of sleep you're in when you wake up. I've heard that it's an important variable. Isn't that the main thing that the various intelligent alarms try to do—wake you up in certain phases?

Dan Tasse said...

Yeah, that's true. That's (one of) their selling point(s). If there is a cause-effect relationship there, if it's true that a good wake-up -> an energetic day, then I guess they're right. In which case, I'm surprised! Why would that sort of thing last all day?