Friday, November 11, 2011

Movember; this is a great idea.

Guess I'm late to this party (sorry, I'm in Nepal!), but ... it's at least a moderately important cause to me. (and the folks running this are genius.) If you'd care to give a few bucks, all the dudes in my family and I thank you.

Note that I have to look respectable to a border guard on the 19th. Luckily, my moustache still won't be visible then, so no big deal.

(also, sorry if I'm repeating myself on all the social networks! I wonder if there is a smarter way to do this.)


helicopter said...

haha, good luck, my fair-haired boy! You take after your fair-haired grandpa, who was never very hairy.... But a great cause as we know, and we applaud your support. Perhaps your dad will grow one, too.

Mr T said...

Ok, we start tomorrow. Race you.

Dan Tasse said...

Mom: I know. Right now I've moved from the "unnoticeable" stage to the stage of "looks like he forgot to shave", looking forward to "creepy" in a couple weeks and maybe maybe edging out of the creepy zone by the end of the month. So it goes.

Dad: Awesome. Looking forward to this.