Friday, November 02, 2012

Really just Movember

First of all, it's Movember! I was a lot sick yesterday, so I'm a day behind, but I sure have not shaved this month. I'll be growing a moustache all month. It's always a little tenuous with fundraising how these things are connected, but: give some money to prostate cancer research I guess?

Second, it's election time. Your to-do list:
  1. Stop watching campaign ads and instead take the quiz at I Side With to see which candidate's policies you actually agree with. 
  2. If you find yourself most aligned with a third party candidate, then:
    1. if you're in a swing state, (sadly) still vote for Obama/Romney
    2. if you're not, probably go with the third party
  3. Read up at least a little about your local elections. You make more than one decision on election day.
  4. About big issues, be honest with yourself about your motives.
Third, well, I figured I'd have some deep thoughts but really the biggest question I've come up with over the past couple days was "how do they get ham in that shape? is there really a muscle that big on a pig?" (answer: yes) Fever hallucinations, what can I say. Back in top shape soon!

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