Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Paleo Stats

I computed some stats. To be fair, I did a bunch of statistical hooey that went like this: I recorded a 1-5 value whenever I felt like it for my stomach, energy, and mood. Then I basically averaged them together to get an average value for the day, then I averaged all the days together. (comparing a month of eating paleo to a month of eating whatever.) ZQ values are Zeo-computed "sleep efficiency" or some such (more hooey); at least "minutes sleep" is a real value.

p-values are for independent samples t-tests (statistical hooey x3); non-reported ones are unremarkable.

stomach with paleo: mean = 3.26
stomach non-paleo: mean = 3.08
p = 0.07

energy with paleo: mean = 2.90
energy non-paleo: mean = 2.90

mood with paleo: mean = 3.04
mood non-paleo: mean = 3.29
p = 0.08

ZQ with paleo: mean = 82.32
ZQ non-paleo: mean = 86.46

minutes sleep with paleo: mean = 455.45
minutes sleep non-paleo: mean = 445.23

Another big non-result! Add to my just-thinking-about-it non-results. Also add a few awkward questions that I still have with paleo folks:
- I mean, if we evolved the "digesting milk" gene, for example, how is it fair to say that we're "not evolved" to drink milk?
- a paleo diet would include carrots and kale and rutabagas and coconuts and chicken and buffalo and salmon and seal fat. There is no caveman who ever ate all of that.
- the guy who wrote Wheat Belly is nuts.
- how do you know it's not just that paleo causes people to snack less, or eat less, or eat fewer carbs, or eat less sugar, or eat less processed food?

So there seems to be no good reason to continue to mess around with eating paleo. Except that it does cause a lot of good long-term health shifts: less processed food, less sugar, less white flour, even less (I am sorry to say this word) carbs. I'll probably keep some variation of it in my diet (like my ongoing "no added sugar except Saturdays") but drop the nitty gritty particulars of Paleo and the story behind it.


Dave Wiegand said...

Seems like you've taken the most rational approach. I try to have a similar diet, but don't try too hard.

But the real reason I'm commenting is to yell at you. Google getting rid of reader is going to mildly inconvenience me, and if there's one thing I can't stand, it's being mildly inconvenienced. I've decided it's your fault for leaving Google. All. Your. Fault.

Dan Tasse said...

Right. Makes sense. Plus, then I'll get into fewer conversations about the food I eat. Those conversations are always pretentious :)

Argh Google Reader! I know! Argh! I do not know why they're doing that; Reader probably costs them nothing to keep running, and while it has few users (relative to Google), its users care a lot. Plus it is one of the only things that Google is doing purely correctly. Those knuckleheads.