Wednesday, July 15, 2009

God DAMN it, cheesecake factory.

Cheesecake factory! God!

Point: it tastes good

Sorta-counterpoint: it kinda does taste good. But it's weird.

Sorta-counterpoint part 2: it's a lot of food

Flat-out counterpoint: It's god damn gross.

My counterpoint: God DAMN it! God! Who lets this happen?! What kind of ... what kind of brave-new-world-inspired bland-pleasure-dome is this? What the hell! Who runs this company? Who runs this world? STOMP STOMP STOMP aarrrghhh (pounds walls) who decided that their primary virtue would be BEING BIG?! garhg grr arrggh! Gaaaaarrrgghh!


Pete said...

I'm reading In Defense of Food.

I love books who main idea is simplicity.

Dan Tasse said...

I* <3 that book.

(* and every other white person anywhere ever, but hey, it's good.)

I like food systems whose main idea is simplicity. Too bad we don't have one.

Pete said...

we don't have one true, but we can push the system in ways that'll help (yay local veggies, etc!)