Monday, July 20, 2009

Internet says: our world is weird in our 20's

I mean, no kidding, right? I offer the following:

First link from a parenting blog I've ever posted here. About quarter-life crises.

I like this lady's blog (please please try to get past the fact that the second post right now is about Sarah Palin). I got linked to a post about how much she hates Tim Ferriss, so that's enough to get me interested right there. But anyway, this post about "what do you do?" is interesting on its own, and and and quarter-life crisis!

If there's a wikipedia article, it must be true.

And, semi-unrelatedly, here's an article about happiness I want to save to read the second half tomorrow, but I don't want to bookmark it, so it's clearly easier to post to the entire world.


Julie said...

That happiness article is really great, thanks for posting.

yincrash said...

Today’s 20-somethings “seem clueless about careers, don’t really know themselves and seriously lack the insights and abilities necessary for the transition into the workplace.”

Specifically, he says, they lack:

• an inner sense of direction,

• the ability to interpret the world around them,

• organizational and decision-making skills, and

• communication and alliance-building skills.